Aug 27

Hwange Dry Season

For those that have not visited Hwange in the dry season, let us set the the scene:


Leafless trees stretch their branches to the cloudless sky in a silent plea.


Stubby grass tufts and dry twigs crackle and snap underfoot. Carpets of crunchy leaves, red, orange and brown dance and whirl like mini dervishes in the wind. The heat at midday is breathless, when temperatures soar and even the birds stop their endless song and busy foraging for fat seeds and hapless insects. This is Hwange dry season.


Elephants dominate the pans and water holes. They are at the top of the drinking chain due to their size of course. They start arriving about midday, a flow of breeding herds, 20 or 30 in a group, endlessly coming Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 26

The Power of One

I often get asked why I am involved with Friends of Hwange Trust? Why spend so much time fundraising and why specifically Hwange? The answer is quite simple. Someone has to do it and why not me? I’ve always had a passion for the bush and wish I could spend more time in it…Posted 16.08 2015

In 2005, after a severe drought, we heard that Hwange National Park was suffering due to lack of water, and my wife and I decided to go and assess the situation for ourselves. What we found was truly shocking – there were many dead and dying animals and abandoned young. Predators were so gorged many of them could hardly walk.

It was time to get involved and do something to help, Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 01



For the last 10years Friends of Hwange Trust has worked tirelessly in the Park, mainly focusing on water projects but also assisting in other areas including maintenance, firebreaks, animal rescue and deployment of anti-poaching units.

For some time we have requested authority to build a small basic bush camp at Ngweshla Pan as this is certainly one of the most popular areas in the Park and boasts some of the best game viewing the Park has to offer. There is an existing campsite at the pan which is always booked up so there is definitely room for a second camp.

We are very happy to announce that this authority has just been granted and we hope to have the construction completed in the next few months.cecil camp Read the rest of this entry »

Jul 31

Hwange National Park – Art supporting wildlife conservation

Maberley 1

Thank you to all the people and organizations that have supported Hwange National Park over the years. It is very saddening when we loose some of our animals, for whatever reason, but we have to move forward and focus our efforts on maintaining the animals we still have and supporting the Park as a whole so it is there for not only our children, and their children, but also for future generations of animals. Our wildlife deserves and has the right to live free and safe in the African bush. Hopefully one day soon sanity will prevail and us humans will manage the planet without greed and corruption!

The Trustees of FOH are proud to inform all donors that 100% of donated money is used in the Park for the good of the animals. The Trust does not incur any running expenses outside of the Park and all work done by the Trustees is done so on a voluntary basis.

This year especially, and indeed most years, we are desperate to raise money to keep the Park going and to help make sure that the hundreds of thousands of animals living in the Park have enough water and are as secure as possible.

Our work in the Park is multifaceted and includes water supply, pan & road maintenance, fireguards, repairing erosion, animal rescue and deployment of anti-poaching units. We do all of these things and still find time to help people who have vehicle problems or just want advice on where best to find the elusive cats and dogs (elephant are not that hard to find in the dry season!)

Read the rest of this entry »

Feb 04

Sponsors and Donors 2014

A big thank you to the following people and organizations for supporting FOH in 2014. We hope we haven’t missed anybody out but if we have we apologize sincerely and please bring it to our attention so we can add your name to the list.

A Menezes
Bakers Inn
Bookey Peek
Canon SA
D Ottman
D Rickards
D Russell
D St Quintin
David Whitehead
G Adams
H Mollet
L Potts
L Taberer
M Goetsch
M Magni
M Pringlewood
Michael Fischer
NMB Bank
P Shinhiwa
Quality Paints
S Pitt
Simply Africa
Strachans Photo Pharmacy
The Cheeseman
Wild Geese Lodge
Mac’s Auto Centre
A Macpherson
C Burn
C Louw
D Bain
Davis Granite
Extraordinary Journeys Inc
Hwange Conservation Society (UK)
J de Wet
J Freer
J Kenny
K Spenser
M Gaisford
MICA Telford Road
P Kennan
P Quinn
P Timms
Peter Dell
Peter Simon
R Cocksedge
Romeo Kitchens
S Burn
S Hammond
Save Foundation Australia
Shreiber and Zindel Treuhand-Anstalt
WEZ Matabeleland

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