The work done by the trust is entirely funded by donations. All donations are gratefully received and go towards preventing animal suffering.


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Dear Friends,



 We are once again approaching the dry season in Hwange National Park, the Units busiest time. Luckily there were late rains in parts of the park - an event which is always greeted by the team with much glee as it means the pumping of our pans may be delayed.  Despite this, we have been pumping water continuously at Kennedy 2 pan for some time now, and at Kennedy 1 as and when needed: we will start pumping several more pans shortly, so our main focus now is on ensuring that we have enough diesel for the pumps to see us through to the rains in November.  We were delighted to hear that Parks have repaired the trough and borehole at Manga 1 and that there is water in this pan: they tell us that they will now be moving onto Manga 2 to carry out similar repairs: Parks too have started pumping.


Our man on the ground - Gary Cantle’s April Report

Water situation - overall this month there has been a huge improvement from last month.   Kennedy 2 is full;  Kennedy 1 is holding a lot of water, but not as much as last year when the vlei actually started to flow; Sinanga is full;  Makwa full and all the natural pans around Makwa are also full to the brim: this includes the salt licks as well;  Tshebe Tshebe holds  good water in the pan;  Kaoshe is a natural pan on the way to Mabuya Mabena and going from the last two years, has held water until almost the end of the dry season and with luck should do so again this year, as it is full to the brim; Garakamwe, another natural pan and is full: the whole vlei around the pan, almost a kilometer long, is also full of water;  Mabuya Mabena water level is much better and the windmill is working and pumping water; White Hills, this pan should have enough water to last until the end of the dry season; Shapi has filled up since last month and is looking very good; Danga is full and should go a long way into the dry season; Dwarf Goose this pan is now full to the road; Shumba is the fullest I have seen it. Tshompani and Inyantue I was unable to reach by road this time: the Inyantue River has been flooded bank to bank and is flowing across the main road about 25 kilometers out of Hwange: normally it is just a trickle.


FOH are thrilled to announce that due to funds raised at their dinner/dance in March, and with the generous help from others and WEZ Matabeleland Branch ($4000 donation), they have been able to purchase a near new Nissan Patrol vehicle for Gary Cantle to use in the Park.  The procurement of a reliable vehicle is long overdue, and will be a major help in the vital conservation work FOH do in HNP.  FOH are also in advanced discussions with a supplier to procure and install 3 solar systems at pans in Hwange: these will have umbrella protection against animal destruction. 


News from Hwange “ Having managed to get a last minute booking for Kennedy One for the weekend of 16 to 19 April, we left Bulawayo by seven on Friday morning. We went to inspect the new vegetable garden that had been set up at Main Camp School by Mark Tully and John Gillon (HCS). With it being school holidays, there weren’t any students around but we saw that beds had been prepared in readiness for planting. The whole set-up looks very smart and we do so hope that the garden will be operational soon and benefit the children as is the intention.

Dom and Nyamandhlovu are holding good water, but Dopi and Caterpillar pans are both very low. With the grass and bush growth, we couldn’t see how the new trough at Dom is faring. Makwa is the fullest we’ve seen in a long time and there is plenty of other water lying about, some ponds with delightful water lilies on them, so the animals there are spoilt for choice - not that we saw much!  Kennedy One camp was as good and as welcoming as always and our stay there was great. Two pookies were seen bounding along they fence each evening, leaping from post to post. A rather small family but not surprising as we heard all manner of owl calls right throughout the night.  On Saturday afternoon we took a trip down to Ngweshla. Up to then we hadn’t seen a great deal of game, mainly because the grass in the vlei is so abundant and tall. On reaching Ngweshla, we came across two enormous elephant bulls at the water with a hippo sunning itself on the edge of the main pan; there were two stunningly beautiful martial eagles perched on a dead tree in the middle of the vlei; in the tree line we could see several zebra, six giraffe, a small herd of water buck and two lots of kudu as well as eland. Traveling slowly around the back of the vlei, we came closer to the kudu, counted nine magnificent eland bulls as they bolted for cover of the trees and in a small muddy depression a sounder of warthogs, consisting of two adults and five hog lets, having a mud bath. Just amazing to see so many animals at once. Driving past Kennedy Two, there was a herd of 29 elephants at the water while we watched others were making their way towards the pan; we saw two enormous daggaboys emerge from the tree line: they certainly were magnificent specimens.  On our trip back on Monday morning we met up with Gary Cantle and proceeded to have a meeting with Warden Jura at Main Camp. It was a good opportunity to meet with him and make that contact. We also had a chat to James Varden who is currently running horseback safaris within the park.” Extracts from a report by John Brebner.


Save Foundation of Australia Over the weekend of 6/7 March, two functions were held in Perth and Harare to help raise funds for Friends of Hwange, a trust that concentrates on providing necessities for at least 12 water pans in Hwange. The Harare event was attended by 260 guests, and was by all accounts a most memorable evening, raising over $30 000. A smaller fund raiser was organized in Perth by Wayne Monks and his crew raising $5000. We give thanks to Save for all the wonderful help we receive from them “Thank You”.


Friends of Hwange Trust.  Fundraising Events:

FOH have had several fund raising events take place recently. At the end of May, their two teams of 6 walkers, embarked upon their walk across Hwange National Park, starting off from the Botswana border. Two routes were chosen for this; the first team - team Tamafupa - headed by Dean McGregor took off from Tamafupa and walked to Mitswiri, past the Jupanda Vlei area to Verney’s, Manga 1, Kennedy 1 and finally to The Hide Safari Camp.  The second team - team Chipembere - guided by Gordon Banks started from Ngwasha and walked through Nyati, Josivanini camp, Masumamalisa, Ngweshla, Broken Rifle and then to The Hide. A back up unit for each team ensured adequate supplies of food and drinking water along the way. The walkers excitedly started out at daybreak on Sunday 23 and the teams finished at The Hide within an hour of each other on Thursday May 27 at  +-1600 hours. A distance of about 145km was covered by each team, so their Herculean efforts must be commended. Numerous elephant as well as buffalo, gemsbok, steenbok, hippo and zebra were seen along the way, and lion and hyaena were heard at night.

This year, the teams were sponsored by Redan Petroleum, Bindura Haulage, CABS, Inter Grain, Dairy Hill, Imara Asset Management, Fazel Abdulla and Baker’s Inn/Innscor to whom we extend our most grateful thanks.


A once in a lifetime opportunity: On the 30 July to 8 August, another fund raiser takes place in HNP and is aimed at the more sedate members of the community. Comfortable camps with hot showers and full catering will be set up first at Masuma Dam, and later at Kennedy Picnic Site, and Professional Guides will accompany participants on short walks off-the-beaten-track at places of interest in HNP. To qualify to take part, an amount of $2000 per person needs to be raised.  There are still a few places left and interested persons may contact Dave Dell at  or

+263-712630152 for more information on this “Once in a lifetime’ opportunity”..


Hwange Water Project. John Brebner reports:  “As there seems to be much going on regarding several fundraisers and events, it seems an opportune time to inform you:

On 23rd through to 25 July, WEZ (Matabeleland Branch) is coordinating a Pumping Legs for Water event: a 100km bike ride (over two days) out of Main Camp into Hwange National Park. All profits from the ride will go towards the WEZ - Hwange Game Water Supplies project. The event coordinator is Colin Gillies Tel. 263-9-61133.


Donations:     Pumps and relevant spares to the value of US$7 255 have recently been purchased for Hwange thanks to

                        funds equally donated by Hwange Conservation Society UK and SAVE Foundation of Australia. 

                        SAVE Foundation of Australia has also donated batteries for the two way radios used by the Parks anti

                        poaching units.

                        Han and Thora Lok $115

                        $20 Lisa Rheeder

                        $385 Brenda and Les Starling

                        Tikki Hywood Trust: $1000 fireguards.


Once again, we extend a huge vote of thanks to all those who have donated in cash or in kind. Without the enthusiasm, optimism and down right bull headedness of some of our wonderful folk out there, work within the Park would carry no meaning.


We would also thank the following for their cooperation and support:

                        The Hon. Minister of Environment and Natural Resource Management – Francis Nhema,

                         Parks and Wild life Management Authority:

                        Director General Vitalis Chadenga

                        Principal Warden for the Western Region - Felix Chimeramombe

                        Area Manager Main Camp - Trumber Jura

                        Warden Sinamatella - Moses Gomwe

                                     Parks assistance on the ground, namely the Game Water Supply Units based at Main Camp –

                                           Owen Mangwana and Sinamatella Camp - Mr. Mafu and the pump attendants working within

                                           the project.


We thank each and every one of you for your continued and invaluable support.

Yours sincerely,

For Wildlife & Environment Zimbabwe






      Pam Birch

      Project Coordinator and Matabeleland Branch - Chairman.

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